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Sayon's Journey

NJ Film Festival

Cambodia wins Independence from France.

King Sihanouk ousted

King Sihanouk breaks off relations with the US, allows North Vietnamese to set up bases in Cambodia.

Nixon points on Cambodia map

US begins secret bombing of Cambodia, destabilizing the country.

US bombing sites in Cambodia
red areas show bombing sites of US forces
King Sihanouk ousted

King Sihanouk ousted, US-backed General Lon Nol assumes power (middle).

Early 1970:
Cambodian army faces two enemies: North Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge guerillas.

Cambodia falls to the Khmer Rouge. About 2 million people are executed, or die of overwork and/or starvation from 1975-1979

Cambodian child soldiers 1970s
children waiting for food
kids waiting for food
Vietnames Forces take over Phnom Penh

Vietnamese forces take over Phnom Penh. Khmer Rouge flee.

Pol Pot leading Khmer Rouge into jungle
Khmer Rouge troups led into jungle by leader Pol Pot
Pol Pot's victims mass grave

An exhumed mass grave of Pol Pot’s victims